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ELMA – The European Lecithin Manufacturers Association


Jun, 2022

ELMA – The European Lecithin Manufacturers Association

ELMA is the European Lecithin Manufacturers Association, representing major producers of lecithin in the European Union towards the European institiutions as well as international organisations such as Codex Alimentarius. The membership in ELMA is open to European manufacturers of lecithin as well as to the non-European manufactures of lecithin who may become an associate member.

The membership in ELMA provides its members with the opportunity to discuss and voice their views on regulatory issues concerning lecithin with the aim to help shaping and maintaining positive regulatory environment for manufacturing and placing lecithin on the EU market. Among others, ELMA contributed to the re-evaluation of lecithin as a food additive in the EU, applied for authorisation of lecithin as a feed additive in the EU and on the international level applied for inclusion of provisions for partially hydrolysed lecithin in the Codex Standard for Food Additives. 

Representing the major producers of lecithin in Europe makes ELMA a unique platform for exchanging technical knowledge as well as practical experience with manufacturing of lecithin in the context of food legislation and regulation.

If you want to know more, please visit ELMA's website or contact ELMA’s Secretary, Mr. Petr Mensik at