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A few words about Lecithin and Phospholipids

In literature we find a wide spectrum of articles intermingling these two terms and this may sometimes be confusing. Especially in pharmaceutical publications the word Lecithin is used as a synonym for pure Phosphatidyl Choline. We will try to explain the difference between Lecithin and Phosphospholipids in simple words.

“Lecithin”... is commonly used for a mixture of different phospholipids and some other components in two physical forms:

Crude liquid lecithin...

...containing about 30 % of oil. It is a by-product of crushing oil seeds, such as soya, sunflower and canola (rape seed). Global production of crude lecithin is approx. 450 – 500.000 metric tons p.a. It can also be derived from animal (egg, milk, fish etc.) and bacterial or fungal sources.

Oil-free lecithins...

...are available in the form of powders or granules. Global production of oil-free lecithins is around 30.000 metric tons p.a.


...are the active components in Lecithin. They are derived from the above lecithins by fractionation and purification.

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