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Phenomenon of Lecithin Science | Technology | Applications


Nov, 2022

Phenomenon of Lecithin Science | Technology | Applications

Waldemar Buxmann, Parris Kidd, Volkmar Wywiol, RĂ¼diger Ziegelitz Copyright Year 2021

CRC Press

Phenomenon of Lecithin

Science | Technology | Applications


Edited By Waldemar Buxmann, Parris Kidd, Volkmar Wywiol, Rüdiger Ziegelitz

Copyright Year 2021


ISBN 9783982075136

Published November 25, 2021 by CRC Press





The outstanding and versatile properties of lecithin have been investigated and described by many scientists over the last decades. Lecithins are mixtures of polar lipids (phospholipids) and are natural components of all animal and plant cell membranes, where they have essential functions. The amphiphilic structure of phospholipids gives them their special emulsifying and dispersing properties. Besides the widely used vegetable lecithins from soybeans, sunflower and rapeseed seeds, also lecithins from animal sources, like eggs, milk, or marine life are now gaining ground. The diversity of its applications in food, animal feed, dietary supplements, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and in the technical industry is unique. The increasing importance of this outstanding natural substance has made it necessary to update the knowledge base.


The book editors have succeeded to gain 22 renowned scientists and technologists from 8 countries to make their knowledge available to a broad public in the book "Phenomenon of Lecithin – Science, Technology and Applications". The development and current status of lecithin as a product are very closely linked to the continuously increasing variety of applications, but also to the legal requirements and the market situation and are taken up at the beginning of the volume. The theoretical principles - the chemical, physiological and physical properties of phospholipids - constitute the basis for understanding the book. The practical part deals with the origin, production, processing and modification of lecithin but also with quality control, which is a very important part of the production process. The subsequent description of the numerous applications of lecithin makes up the core of the work.


May the book "Phenomenon of Lecithin " give chemists, biologists, pharmacists, technologists and entrepreneurs a deeper insight into this miraculous and unrivalled nutrient. And may it inspire to further intensive research work.